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Timers and Timed Interrupts

This module handles various signaling/timer functionalities. The parameterless routines, usec, time and ctime provide access to the CPU clock. They return an integer and string, respectively. The functions are considered unsafe, because they affect the timing experienced by the user.

command alarm.sleep{unsafe}(secs:int):void
address ALARMsleep
comment "Sleep a few seconds";

command alarm.usec{unsafe}() :lng
address ALARMusec
comment "Return time in microseconds.";

command alarm.time{unsafe}() :int
address ALARMtime
comment "Return time in milliseconds.";

command alarm.epoch{unsafe}() :int
address ALARMepoch
comment "Return the current time as UNIX epoch.";

command alarm.ctime{unsafe}() :str
address ALARMctime
comment "Return the current time as a C-time string.";

command alarm.prelude():void
address ALARMprelude
comment "Initialize alarm module."