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Language bindings

MonetDB comes with a JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python interface libraries. JDBC, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python and Node.js interfaces are native implementations and do not require installation of the complete MonetDB code base. The Mapi library is the lowest level C-interface to interacting with the server.

We rely mostly on external documentation for the basics of the language bindings provided: PHP, Perl, Python, and the drivers JDBC and ODBC. Examples are used to illustrate their behavior in the context of MonetDB only. The resource locations identified below may at times proof valuable.

Perl DBI

The programming interface is based on a client-server architecture, where the client program connects to a server using a TCP/IP connection to exchange commands and receives answers. The underlying protocol uses plain UTF-8 data for ease of use and debugging. This leads to publicly visible information exchange over a network, which may be undesirable. Therefore, a private and secure channel can be set up with the Secure Socket Layer functionality.

In addition, a deeper integration of MonetDB with R is available on the website of the MonetDB.R connector. If you are looking for information about the embedded R support in MonetDB, follow check this blog post.

More information about using MonetDB on Node.js you can find here.