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The development of MonetDB has been made available by subsidies of several organizations. We are grateful to acknowledge them:

  1. Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (1993-) to facilitate the Database Architectures research group.
  2. The European Commission for the ESPRIT-III project Pythagoras (1992-1995), the ESPRIT-IV projects Mercury (1996-1998) and Keso (1996-1998).
  3. The High Performance Computing Netherlands (HPCN) project IMPACT (1996-1999).
  4. The Telematics Institute for funding the national project Digital Media Warehouses (1998-2003).
  5. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for the AMIS project (1997-2001).
  6. The Ministry of Economic Affairs providing the means through the project MIA (1999-2003) and the Ministry of Education of the Netherlands providing the means using MultimediaN (2004-2009), and Bricks (2004-2009).
  7. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for their support in the Focus program, project Cracking a scientific database (2006-2010).
  8. The European Erasmus program for internships.
  9. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on Graph Databases (2009-2013).
  10. The EU FP-7 project EMILI for their support in streaming data in SCADA systems (2009-2012).
  11. The EU FP-7 project TELEIOS geared at remote sensing applications (2010-2013).
  12. The EU FP-7 project PlanetData aimed at Linked Open Data initiative (2010-2013).
  13. The EU FP-7 project LOD2 aimed at scaleable Linked Open Data (2010-2014).
  14. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for their material support on the SciLens infrastructure (2011-2016), (2016-2019).
  15. The COMMIT/ project (2011-).
  16. The European FET Flagship programme Human Brain Project (2013-).
  17. The EU FP-7 project LEO on Linked of Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming (2013-2015).
  18. The EU FP-7 project #611068 CoherentPaaS for a Cloud based Database-as-a-Service (2013-2016).
  19. The EU FP-7 project LDBC for Linked Data Benchmark Councel (2013-).
  20. The EU FP-7 Flagship project Human Brain Rampup project(2013-2016).
  21. The EU H2020 project ExaNest (2015-2018)
  22. The EU H2020 project FashionBrain (2017-2019)
  23. The EU H2020 project ACTiCLOUD (2017-2019)