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Fabian Groffen

Fabian Groffen

As youngest member on MonetDB's core-developers team, Fabian is not afraid to touch the MonetDB code-base.  In 2004, Fabian got introduced to the group at CWI, and ever since then worked on MonetDB itself or any of its related projects.  As Java advocate, he laid the foundations to what would become the MonetDB JDBC3 driver during his Master Thesis track at the CWI group.  After Fabian obtained his M.Sc. degree from the University of Amsterdam, he continued in a Ph.D track at CWI.  This allowed him to become more deeply involved with the MonetDB ecosystem.  During this period, the full-fledged JDBC driver emerged, which has ever since endured numerous both academic and industrial stress-tests.

One of the major projects of Fabian is the distribution of the MonetDB sources, and in which way they conform to the standards as appreciated in the Open-Source community.  His interest in this point clearly comes from his large involvement with the Gentoo Linux community as developer and team lead of the Gentoo Prefix project.  As such, the MonetDB project has changed from a static project where branches lived almost forever, and releases were delayed indefinitely (less than 1 release per year) with a custom building procedure into a dynamic (but still quite large) project that has a monthly release cycle, and builds like standard autoconf-style projects.

Along Fabian's full involvement, he has always been committed to the SQL-side of the MonetDB database, and making that the most prominent side for the outsider.  His vision in this area has lead to the creation of Merovingian, which today goes under the name monetdbd.  The original purpose of this program was to hide away the details necessary to start a MonetDB/SQL server.  Fabian's strong commitment to make this end-user oriented piece of software also a large part of the end-user experience, has lead to a robust and flexible addition to the MonetDB suite that is the recommended way of using the MonetDB database today.

After Fabian obtained his Ph.D degree at the University of Amsterdam in 2009, he continued working at CWI.  This allowed him to keep on devoting time to MonetDB, it's maintenance and the constant development of new features.  Ever since, his Merovingian has grown many capabilities to perform actions in a distributed setting.  His expertise on the code base lie next to Java and Merovingian on portability, the various client interfaces and the client-server protocol.  Fabian's strong influence on the latter has resulted in the same functionality being available in all client interfaces, and a strong authorization scheme.