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MonetDB is a high performance relational database system for analytics





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Familiar Playground

  • BI dashboard applications

  • Workflow management systems

  • Medical & DNA data analysis

  • Financial data analysis & predictions

  • Astronomical objects behaviour studies

  • Network performance & security monitoring

Open Areas

  • Time series

  • Machine Learning

  • Streaming data processing

  • Spatial temporal applications

MonetDB is free and Open Source. The license of MonetDB is the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. For all earlier license versions, the MonetDB Public License Version 1.1 applies.
Read more about MonetDB license at Legal Notices.

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Royal Decoration

Yeah, you heard it right! MonetDB inventor is a Knight in the Royal Order of the Netherlands Lion.

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European Projects

We believe in common scientific progress.

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Countries that regularly contribute

MonetDB is used worldwide for education, research, and businesses.

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