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msqldump man-page


msqldump − dump a MonetDB/SQL database


msqldump [ options ] [ dbname ]


MonetDB is a database management system that is developed from a main-memory perspective with use of a fully decomposed storage model, automatic index management, extensibility of data types and search accelerators, SQL- and XML- frontends.

Msqldump is the program to dump an MonetDB/SQL database. The dump can be used to populate a new MonetDB/SQL database.


−−help (−?)

Print usage information and exit.

−−database=database (−d database)

Specify the name of the database to connect to. The −d can be omitted if it is the last option.

−−host=hostname (−h hostname)

Specify the name of the host on which the server runs (default: localhost).

−−port=portnr (−p portnr)

Specify the portnumber of the server (default: 50000).

−−user=user (−u user)

Specify the user to connect as. If this flag is absent, the client will ask for a user name.

−−describe (−D)

Only dump the database schema.

−−inserts (−N)

When dumping the table data, use INSERT INTO statements, rather than COPY INTO + CSV values. INSERT INTO statements are more portable, and necessary when the load of the dump is processed by e.g. a JDBC application.

−−functions (−f)

Only dump functions definitions.

−−table=table (−t table)

Only dump the specified table.

−−quiet (−q)

Don’t print the welcome message.

−−Xdebug (−X)

Trace network interaction between mclient and the server.


mclient(1), mserver5(1)