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MonetDB/SQL supports a multi-statement transaction scheme marked by START TRANSACTION and closed with either COMMIT or ROLLBACK. The session variable auto_commit can be set to true if each SQL statement should be considered an independent transaction.

WARNING. The transaction management scheme is based on optimistic concurrency control. It provides each transaction with a consistent view on the database, but updates are collected in an addendum processed on transaction commit. If at commit time it can be assured that the data prepared for update affects tables has not changed in the mean time, the results are merged.
This optimistic concurrency scheme is particularly useful for query dominant environments. It negatively affects long running transactions which concurrently are affected by updates on their underlying tables.

WARNING. Optimistic concurrency control may be confusing for those who built online-transaction applications, because the granularity of the concurrency control scheme will show higher then expected transaction failures. There is not a locking schema to avoid this. Applications may have to resort to serial execution.

WARNING. The tuples being deleted are only marked as such. They do not reduce the table size. It calls for a vacuum cleaning algorithm.