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MAL profiler

A key issue in the road towards a high performance implementation is to understand where resources are being spent. This information can be obtained using different tools and at different levels of abstraction. A coarse grain insight for a particular application can be obtained using injection of the necessary performance capturing statements in the instruction sequence. Fine-grain, platform specific information can be obtained using existing profilers, like valgrind (, or hardware performance counters.

The MAL profiler collects detailed performance information, such as cpu, memory and statement information. It is optionally extended with IO activity, which is needed for coarse grain profiling only, and estimated bytes read/written by an instruction.

The execution profiler is supported by hooks in the MAL interpreter. The default strategy is to ship an event record immediately over a stream to a separate performance monitor, formatted as a tuple. An alternative strategy is preparation for off-line performance analysis.

Reflective performance analysis is supported by an event cache, the event log becomes available as a series of BATs.