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MonetDB Solutions

Open-source solutions
MonetDB is an open-source product with a liberal license agreement. Support for its use, bug-fixing and feature request implementation is organized through its public mailing lists and bug tracker system. The items will be picked up by the core development team based on urgency (e.g. segfaults), nice-to-have features, and in general development resource availabilty. There are no time guarantees for any of the requests outstanding. However, we do appreciate all contributions.
We welcome all patches .

High-tech consultancy
A company has been establised for users deploying MonetDB in a business critical setting. It provides access to the core development team for technical consultancy, turn-key development, quality assurance, and joint-venture projects. These high-quality brain resources come at a premium, commercial rate.
For further information contact us.
Joint projects
Scientific cooperation is the cornerstone to advance the technology and its deployment in novel application domains. We therefore welcome invitations to participate in national and international (EU-) projects to fund PhDs, postdocs, and science exchanges.
See also our company vacancies.